Authorised Dealers

The Scuba Pro Store has established a large network of Authorised retailers around Southern Africa. They are retailers who have committed to a high level of customer service and product knowledge of SCUBAPRO, SUBGEAR & SEALIFE.

If you don't end up purchasing any of our products on The Scuba Pro Store, it is important that you only purchase and service your Scubapro, Subgear and Sealife products directly from one of our Authorised Dealers. Besides us, they are the only ones that can guarantee you are buying genuine products.  

Along with us, they are also strongly committed to offering quality dive equipment and a high level of expertise and assistance, for your long-term diving pleasure. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the products you see on The Scuba Pro Store, make sure to contact your nearest Authorised Dealer.

For each transaction made on The Scuba Pro Store, you will be required to select a preferred Authorised Dealer from the list below. It is recommended that you select an Authorised Dealer nearest to you for future servicing and product related enquiries.You will also be able to redeem all the exciting benefits of the SCUBAPRO Dive Team Membership through this Authorised Dealer.